Monday, April 18, 2011

Andy Warhol meets George Washington

I came up with this lesson for the 5th and 6th graders I am teaching this year. They are studying the early explorers thru the 1800s. I was going to do a portrait lesson on George Washington and a study on the artist who did his portrait for the dollar bill, but decided the kids would have more  fun with this Andy Warhol inspired lesson. They chose from a profile or full face view of Washington that I had made copies of. They could determine what to add to their picture that would illustrate something about Washington, his life, or time in history. To create a Warhol style painting they had to choose a set group of colors and then use them in each of the four sections but in a different way. We used carbon paper and tracing paper to duplicate their pictures. This took alot of time and care but the kids rose to the challenge and the end results were great.


watercolor paper
carbon paper
tracing paper
extra fine line Sharpie
photo copies of George Washington

After picking the profile or full view of Washington they traced him onto tracing paper and then added dates,guns,cherries or something else to their piece. They divided their watercolor paper into four sections and using a stylis and carbon paper traced their design into each of the four sections. They then outlined everything in Sharpie and filled in the pictures with watercolor. Coming up with different combinations with  the same color palette was a challenge. (but one they enjoyed). Here are some of the works in progress and finished pieces:


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  2. Fabulous job! Love how you tied in a more modern artist to this American History lesson. I love integrating other aspects of the school curriculum with art. It gives kids a chance to see how everything is interrelated.

  3. Julie-this was a fun project-thanks for your comment! Edna