Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Art Class Craziness!

I have a ton of new pictures and projects to post  but I have been so busy doing my summer classes I just can't seem to get around to it. Every summer I create a whole bunch of 1 1/2 hr. classes for ages  4-5, 5-8, 9-13, and 11-15 year olds that I do at my home studio. Here is a the first part of the summer schedule:

Tuesday June 14

10-11:30 Ages 5-8 Funky Cats-we will create some stylized cats in this class based on artist Rosina Wachtmeister’s work.
1-2:30 Ages 9-13 Cats in Art-we will do two cat projects in this class based on Rosina Wachtmeister and Laura Burch’s work. (pastel and watercolor)

Wednesday June 15

9:30-11:30 Ages 12-15-(Girls Only)-Heart Art-we will create a mixed media piece using paper, nu pastels, paint, and wood.
1-2:30 Ages 9-13 Watercolor Landscape Montana style!

Thursday June 16

10-11:30 Ages 5-8-Pizza Art- (back by popular demand!) We will use plaster and paint to create a wood pizza.
1-2:30 Ages 9-13 Fantasy Animals-Drawing and creativity will be the focus of this class

Tuesday June 28

10-11:30 Ages 5-8 Pretty as a Peacock-lots of design work and color make up this project
1-2:30 Ages 9-13-Hawaii Art-poster style art using acrylics

Wednesday June 29

1-3p.m. Ages 9-13 Desert Dreams-we will paint a wooden snake (Oaxacan style), and do a chalk pastel cactus scene.

Thursday June 30

10-11:30-Ages 4-5 Preschool Art-we’ll explore some different mediums in this class.
1-2:30 Ages 9-13 Egyptian Tomb Painting-Draw, paint and write like the ancient Egyptians in this project.

July 2011

Tuesday July 5
11:30-1p.m. Ages 5-8 Gumball Machine-don’t you just love the sound of that? The artist Wayne Thiebaud is our inspiration for this mixed media class.
2-3:30 Ages 9-13 Hundertwasser Mixed Media-we’ll learn about the artist Hundertwasser and use paper and paint on wood to create this project.

Wednesday July 6

1-2:30 Ages 9-13 A Sunny day on the Lake- (repeat of Christmas break class)-Thickly applied acrylic on wood with pastel highlights make this a fun project.

Thursday July 7

10-11:30 Ages 5-8 Monster Stories-fun with monsters. Urgh!
1-2:30 Ages 9-13 Monster Stories-more fun with monsters and paint.
Tuesday July 12 10-11:30- Ages 5-8 Wood Guitar (back by popular demand)
Wednesday July 13 Tea Party Art-Ages 9-13 1-2:30 Still life painted with tea.
Thursday July 14 African Mask Ages 8-12 10-11:30

and here is the new schedule I just put out for the rest of the summer-

Tuesday July 19

9:30-11:00 Ages 11-15 Design with Matisse-we’ll combine both of Matisse’s styles in this one project. 
12:30-2:00 Ages 5-8 Paint chip Art-we’ll transform a crocodile with paint chips and pastels.
3-4:30 Ages 9-13 More paint chip art-we’ll do a flamingo and crocodile in this class.

Wednesday July 20

10:00-11:30 Ages 9-13 Chalk Pastel flowers-we’ll use recycled paper and two different types of pastels for these beautiful flowers.
1-2:30 Ages 5-8 Gumball Machine-don’t you just love the sound of that? The artist Wayne Thiebaud is our inspiration for this mixed media class. (same as July 5th class)

Tuesday July 26

9:30-11 Ages 5-8-Jigsaw art-we will trade “pieces” of our art with other students in the class to create a fun abstract picture.
12:30-2 Ages 9-13 Jigsaw art-same as above with a more advanced drawing and painting project
3:00-4:30 Ages 7-10 Dog Doodles-we’ll try our hand at some funny dog drawings in this class.

Wednesday July 27

9:30-11:30 Ages 11-15 Pop Art Pup-fun dog art-draw and paint and embellish to create this Pop Art piece.
1-2:30 Ages 8-13-Another crazy project based on the artist Hundertwasser’s unique style. We will create our own stylized wooden structure and decorate it with paint and paper.

Tuesday August 9

9:30-11:00 Ages 8-13 Mixed Media Wood Butterfly. We’ll create some beautiful butterflies in this class in the style of artist Laurel Burch.
12:30-2:00 Ages 12-15 Floral Fantasy-Wild and whimsical-acrylics and pastel on canvas.
3:00-4:30 Ages 5-8 Sweet Shoppe-we’ll use chalk pastel for these large pictures of yummy treats.

Wednesday August 10

10:00-11:30 Ages 5-8 Face it!  Think Picasso for this funky face sculpture you are going to love!
1:00-2:30-Ages 9-13 Face it! A more advanced take on the above project.
Tuesday August 16
9:30-11:00. Ages 9-13 Whimsical folk art landscape on wood-lots of acrylic painting in this class.
12:30-2:00 Ages 5-9 Cartoon Faces-all kinds of fun with some simple techniques.
3:00-4:30 Ages 9-13 Watercolor cityscape-fun with perspective and design.

I hope to share some of these at the end of the summer! I'm looking forward to spending some time seeing what everyone else is up to this summer in the art teaching world-thanks for all the inspiration!



  1. WOW- you're busy! I love the variety of themes. Can't wait to see some of your students' art. Best of luck with the rest of your classes. I'm right in the middle of my Messy Art Fun camp. This has been a challenge with K-5th graders and a few kids that just need to be outside running around. :)

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