Friday, February 17, 2012

Gustav Klimt Mural

I've been looking through some old pictures and came across this mural that was a special project with a school I used to work at. (K-1) (The idea for this came from an article in SchoolArts magazine (Dec.2007). The mural in the article was more of a temporary one done on paper. We did ours on 6 wood panels.) This was done over several class periods with each student making shapes with patterns inside of them on fadeless paper which were then cut out and mod podged onto sections on the boards that I had pre-drawn,some were mod podged to the tree as well. Each of the 6 1st grade classes worked on one panel.The kids base coated the sections in an earlier class.  My husband cut out 6 doves out of wood which they also base coated. We picked 6 kindergartners to be the models for the silhouettes-which we used a projector to trace their forms onto the boards. These were also base coated by the students. My husband and I did all the finish work. The mural was used as a freestanding (with base supports) backdrop for the holiday music concert that was held at the High School and then later installed in the school cafeteria. This was a really fun project, and turned out beautiful I think.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Picasso Heads

I have done this project with many different ages over the years. With the younger kids I pre draw some Picasso style faces on the styrofoam heads. Older kids I let design their own. The only rules being they must draw a line down the center of the face and use more than two eyes, one mouth etc. The last time I did this lesson I did one half profile and  one half foward. The kids use Sharpies to outine and then fun acrylic colors to fill in the faces. We Sharpie the lines over at the end and then I have small wooden boards with screws in them that they paint black and then mount the heads on them when they are finished. The kids love this project! The trick is finding inexpensive styrofoam heads. The very first time I did this lesson I had come upon 20 of them on sale for 10 cents a piece at a party store. I didn't realize what a steal that was until I tried to order them. I have purchased them most recently from Nasco art supplies. a box of 12 is $35.75.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Laurel Burch Cats


I did this project for one of my summer classes and have also done it at the K-6 school I work at. It is a fun one to do as kids like to do animal projects and this one is doable for any age. There are some great pics on the internet of Laurel Burch cats. I showed alot of them in class to generate some ideas. I like using the chalk pastel on the black paper-it adds a fun dimension. I got this project idea from another blog-but can't remember where now. I changed it up a bit.


Black paper or poster board
chalk pastels (good ones really do make a difference-I use Faber-Castell brand)
Prismacolor Nupastels (for outlining and accent lines)
Scratch paper

I had the kids practice drawing the body of the cat on a scratch paper first. In my summer class they could choose to do a head or a body. At school the younger kids  used a poster board pattern and then I had them come up with their own pattern for inside the cat.I had the Kinders trace around just a head template. We talked alot about Laurel Burch and her use of color and pattern. Also how she did the cat's eyes (more like a human eye) I showed them samples of her work to begin with. Once they practiced what pattern they were going to use I had them do their final drawing on the black paper. They used the chalk pastels to color them and and nupastels to outline and accent. I had them either do a pattern in the background or a frame.

Below are some of the student samples-I didn't get pictures of the Kindergarten class-