Friday, February 15, 2013

My Favorite Art Supplies

I am getting ready to order some supplies and thought I would just jot down some of my favorites at the same time to share with all of you.  Seeing what supplies other art teachers use has really inspired me to try some new products. I hope there is something on this list that will become your favorite too.

I tend to order most of my supplies from Nasco-they have great products, customer service, and prices. And they are always very quick to deliver. Over the years I have made huge orders with them for schools and also small orders for my home classes. I have never had a problem with any item that they didn't immediately correct, often times they just sent me a new item at no charge and had me keep the other one.

Having said that, I do order a few things from Dick Blick, and I purchase things from Michaels as well.

So here is my favorites list:

Crayola non washable watercolors (I order the refill individual colors as well)

Dick Blick liquid watercolors! Beautiful bright lovely color-one of my new favorites that I use constantly!

Crayola oil pastels

Spectra bleeding art tissue

Tru-ray fade resistant construction paper in black (deep black color and nice feel)

Black Sharpies fine and extra fine

Prismacolor nupastels
colors and the set of 12 white

Cray pas set of 12 oil pastels black (these are easier to use in smaller areas than the Crayola brand, and they have an all black set which is the color I use the most)

Faber Castell Creative Studio Soft pastel half-stick sets. (all pastels are not created equal!) These are nice and soft with beautiful colors.

Mod podge-I get a gallon because I use a lot

Royal Brush Big Kid's Choice Brushes -flats and rounds
(these brushes hold up great, they are very user friendly and forgiving. Also because the handles are plastic you don't have to deal with the paint chipping off)

Dynasty Finest Golden Synthetic Flat Brushes (this set has the larger sizes and is good quality) B2200

The Masters Brush cleaner and preserver

Canson Foundation Student Watercolor paper-90lb. 11x15 9716081(Nasco-$26.75 for 100 sheets)
This is the watercolor paper I have used with students for the past 10 years. It is a good student grade paper in a nice size.

Canson XL Watercolor pads -30 sheets 140lb. 18x24 size (Dick Blick) $26.38. I usually buy this at Michaels as it is around $22 there and they often run sales-I just bought several on a buy one get one free sale. I only use this paper in my smaller home classes. It is sturdy and soooo nice! It absorbs the watercolors beautifully and is a wonderful size. You can really erase and layer on this paper without any problems.  I use it for acrylics as well, and often half it (both ways). See the  Kevin Red Star tepee and horse projects listed below, for the long skinny version.

Ticonderoga #2 pencils

Black Flair brand soft tip pens-they bleed!-great for shading

Acrylic craft paint -lots of brands out there-I usually use Apple Barrel as it is one of the least expensive

4ply Black and White Railroad Board-I use this for acrylic painting projects and collage.

Amaco Magic Mud-this clay holds up better than most to alot of handling. And it is soft and pliable.

Twisteezwire-I use this on masks and sculptures

fan brush

I have more products that I use, but these are my favorite and most often used supplies-hope this gives you some ideas!


  1. I like a lot of the things you mentioned, but I'll add a few that IDont like to be without. I like Nasco's Bulk-Krylic acrylic paints, especially for painting papier-mâché projects, and my favorite temperas are Sax Versatemp. And I use a huge amount of Elmer's Glue-All, plus low temp hot glue, plus Art Paste for papier-mâché.

  2. Phyl-thanks for your input. I will have to try the products you mentioned. I also use alot of glue-all, which I forgot to add to my list.