Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keith Haring Mural Art Project

This was a really fun art project that every single child enjoyed. I always forget how much kids like working together on a big project. I did this in both a K-2 class and a 3rd-6th grade class with good results in both. First I introduced Keith Haring to the kids by showing different images of his artwork, and discussed how he got his start as a street artist. His artwork is really appealing to kids( and adults) of all ages.

First, I broke them up into pairs and I gave each pair  a different dancing figure template to trace and then outline with Sharpie, somewhere on several large pieces of butcher paper that I had taped together on the back. They could choose one of 6 acrylic colors to use. Together the two students painted the figure in and re-outlined with a thicker chisel tip black marker.