Keith Haring Mural Art Project

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This was a really fun art project that every single child enjoyed. I always forget how much kids like working together on a big project. I did this in both a Kindergarten to 2nd grade class and a 3rd to 6th grade class with good results in both. First I introduced Keith Haring to the kids by showing different images of his artwork, and discussed how he got his start as a street artist. His artwork is really appealing to kids( and adults) of all ages. I really like this book to illustrate some of his artwork and life. 

Then, I broke them up into pairs and I gave each pair  a different dancing figure template to trace and then outline with Sharpie, somewhere on several large pieces of butcher paper that I had taped together on the back. They could choose one of 6 acrylic colors to use. Together the two students painted the figure in and re-outlined with a thicker chisel tip black marker.

Then I handed out photocopies of some of his popular images such as the radiant baby, flying saucer, pulsing heart,barking dog, cross, t.v., dolphin etc. I gave each team 2-3 different images to practice drawing on scrap paper. After they had mastered the images they could go to the butcher paper on the floor that we already had put the figures on and put their images wherever they wanted, being careful not to put the same images too close. They could do them in different sizes and directions, wherever they thought they would look good. They outlined all the images in Sharpie. They loved doing this "graffiti" style art, and I think the project game them a real Keith Haring type experience as well as finished piece.


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