Matisse-Flower Vase Lesson

Matisse flower vase art lesson example

I got this idea from  Matisse's "Woman with a Purple Robe" painting, and have altered it to fit different age groups. I love Matisse,because of all the bright colors and patterns he used in his work. This is a fun way to introduce mixed media and the different steps keep the interest level high.


 yellow, purple, blue, and green bright colored card stock (cut into 5 ½" by 3 ¾" pieces)
9"x 6"white card stock
5 1/2" x 7 1/2" heavy paper (I use 1/2 of my 11"x15" watercolor paper)
oil pastels
acrylic paint
glue stick

For the first step I have the students draw with pencil, then outline with Sharpie a vase with flowers in it. (I predraw this for preschool level).Then I have them paint the vase grey. Next step is to do a different pattern with oil pastels on each piece of colored cardstock (see sample).Then I have them glue the pieces down to the the heavy paper.

Next they color in the flowers with oil pastel and add the black lines on the vase . When the paint is dry they cut out the vase and flowers and glue down over the patterned card stock.

I've also done this project with paint instead of the cut paper on a full size sheet of watercolor paper. I add more detail with the painted orange and lemon and plate, and also a wider variety of flowers.  The flowers and line work are done with chalk pastel instead of oil pastel. Make sure to spray with fixative when they are finished.