Raoul Dufy Art project

This project is great for all ages, and it is quick to do. I love Raoul Dufy's style as it is very kid like and fun.


Acrylic paint-yellow, orange, red, white, and two different blues (one true blue, one a turquoise)
 large and small flat brushes
watercolor paper
Fine line Sharpie

I start this project by showing some of Dufy's regatta prints, and talking about his unique style.

We start by painting the water with watered down acrylic paint. I give them a dab of each blue and the white. Then using a large flat brush they streak it on being careful not to mix the paints. For the sky we use the same brush and only the true blue and white going in big swirls. I tell them to  leave a jagged white border of paper showing.

Next we talk about and practice the simple shapes of the boats and sails (half circle and triangle) and how to use size to show perspective. I always tell my students to use an odd number when they are putting subjects in a picture as it looks more natural. For this project, we do 5 boats.

For older kids I have them use small flat brushes to paint their boats right on the water, for younger kids I have them lightly draw in the boats first with pencil, and then paint. I let them choose how to use the colors (orange, yellow, blue and red). After the paint dries, we use a fine line Sharpie to add birds and the horizon line.