Kevin Red Star Painted Ponies

Yet another Kevin Red Star project that I just finished with several classes. I love how these turned out with the bright liquid watercolors. As in the tepee project I did this in several different classes-some used the 11x15 watercolor paper and some the 9x 24 sheet. They could choose whether to do their horses in warm or cool colors and then the reverse for their backgrounds. We used the fan brush (see tepee lesson below) for splattering black  and white paint to add interest.

Once again I only got a few pictures of the ones the kids did (and these are without the splattering added). I always have my camera with me but  often forget to get pictures taken as we are rushing to finish things at the end of class. Below are a couple of Kevin RedStar's horse paintings. The kids loved playing around with the liquid watercolors ( I use the Dick Blick brand). I demonstrated how to keep the paper wet to allow the colors to blend. We used templates of a simple RedStar style horse so that they could spend time on the layout and painting.

my sample