Kevin Red Star Tepee painting

This is another Kevin RedStar project I did  recently with preschool thru 6th grade. This is based on the painting below titled "First snowfall on Rock Creek". One of Kevin RedStar's trademarks in many of his paintings is finishing the painting off with splattering. He uses a fan brush loaded with watered down paint. Fan brushes can be used this way by tapping them with another brush to produce a fine mist of small dots or standing back and snapping your wrist to produce a stream of various size dots. If you hold the brush sideways it gives you one result, and you can get another result by holding it flat. He mostly used white or black paint or both for this technique. The kids love this part-just make sure you do this outside or have the area well covered, as the paint tends to splatter everywhere.

For the younger grades I used a tepee template, and had them trace around this for their starting point. Some  of the classes used a 11x15 sheet of watercolor paper and did 3 tepees, and others used a long skinny 9x24 inch sheet of watercolor and did 5 tepees. We outlined in sharpie and used a sponge for creating the snow on the water. We used the fan brush with white acrylic paint for the splattered snow and black for texture on the tepees. And we also splattered a little bit of light blue, mostly in the sky. Unfortunately I only got pictures of a couple of the kids' art. The two paintings on the bottom are done except for the black splatter. All of the grades had success with this and the finished pieces turned out beautiful!

Kevin RedStar's painting

template made from poster board

My samples