Jim Dine Valentine's Day project

I love this print of Jim Dine's titled The Handkerchief. I have done several Jim Dine projects over the years, but have never come across this particular print. I decided to experiment with bleeding tissue paper, acrylic paint and chalk and nu pastels to see if I could create a lesson with a similar look and feel. 

Here is what I came up with-

I have tried this with a preschool class and with  K-6th grade students at one of the schools I teach at. The kids loved choosing colors and applying the tissue paper. (the bleeding tissue paper is always a winner!). For the preschool class I applied the pastel and let them blend with their finger.(sorry forgot to take pictures at the end). They turned out amazing though-neither the students or their parents could believe they had done them. The older kids are only half way thru so I will post the finished projects next week.


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  2. Can you explain how you did this project? Thanks so much, love the end result! Nice work!

  3. Can you explain how you did this project? Thanks so much, love the end result! Nice work!

    1. HI ROBIN, Using bleeding tissue paper cut into squares, the kids lay them out how they like, (I tell them to mix up colors). One at a time they brush water under and over each piece. After they are all done, you can peel the papers off (they kind of fall off). Kids love this part. Then I had a heart template they traced around and filled in with red acrylic paint.Next they used a white chalk pastel to add highlights on the heart and smudged a little with their finger. Then using both black nu pastel (harder chalk pastel), and a regular soft pastel in black they outline around the heart. Next they use their finger to smudge the line. I had them use the edge of the soft pastel to add some smudges elsewhere on the picture. (limit this though or it will be a mess). Good luck! This is a fun project.

  4. Thank you for the details! Sounds like so much fun!!!!! I hope to see more projects like this in the future! :)

  5. Did you use watercolor paper? And I've never used bleeding tissue paper, is it sold specifically for that? Or can you use any kind of tissue paper?

  6. Erin,

    Yes I did use watercolor paper. And the bleeding tissue is an art tissue. I get mine at Nasco. It is called Spectrum tissue paper.
    Regular tissue paper does not bleed.

  7. Stunning! Thank you for your generosity of time sharing this with others!

  8. Do you have to wait until the project dries before you peel the tissue paper off?


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